Healthy weight and food

You want the best for yourself and your family, and we want to empower you to do this. Children learn best from role modelling; the most successful changes are those you make as a family. 

Knowing how to make affordable, healthy changes in busy modern lives can be difficult, but making small changes that work for you and your family is a great place to start! There are lots of reasons to try and improve the quality of your family’s food and be more active, including:

  • Eating fruit and vegetables will increase your vitamin and mineral intake for your body to function well
  • Eating wholegrain versions of things like pasta and bread gives you extra fibre to support good digestive health
  • Being more active to relieve stress and spend time together as a family

Look at the information below to help kickstart a healthy and active lifestyle for you and your family.

Here are 5 key ways you can help your child maintain good health:
  1. be a good role model – for example let children help with preparation of food and sit and eat as a family when you can
  2. encourage activity and movement as often as possible – moving as a family is even better! Find activities that work best for your family circumstances and that everyone enjoys.
  3.  Listen to your child and don’t try and force them to eat. Children are pretty good at knowing when they are hungry and when they have had enough to eat.
  4. Incorporate nutritious meals, drinks and snacks as much as you are able to – not every meal has to be ‘perfect’, but try to get a good range of nutritious foods throughout the week and incorporate fruit and veg wherever you can!
  5. less screen time and more sleep

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