Neurodiversity national organisations and useful websites

Organisations for specific neurodiverse conditions

National Autistic Society is a national organisation offering support, advice, and information about autism

Autism West Midlands is a regional charity delivering services for autistic children, adults and their families including a helpline and information resources

Ambitious About Autism has lots of information including a Parent Toolkit with tips for the whole family and checklists for appointments, childcare and school. Ambitious about Autism | National charity for autistic children and young people

Autism Education Trust have resources to help with education For Parents | Autism Education Trust

Autism Central offers parents and carers access to autism education, training and support Autism Central for Parents and Carers | Autism Central

Curly Hair Project has resources such as animated films, comic strips and diagrams which make their work interesting and easy to understand

ADHD Foundation is a national organisation offering support, advice, and information about ADHD

PDA Society is an organisation offering support, advice, and information about Pathological Demand Avoidance, a profile on the autism spectrum PDA Society – Pathological Demand Avoidance – Part of the Autism Spectrum

Tourette’s Action has a range of information about tics and Tourette’s syndrome including a section for teachers which is full of helpful resources. Tourettes Action (


Organisations that offer topic-based support (education, legal, benefits, behaviour)

Cerebra is a charity dedicated offering health, legal, financial and social care advice for children with brain conditions and their families. They also offer a sleep support service  Cerebra - Working with you and your amazing child

Contact, the charity for families with disabled children has lots of useful information and guides on their website about caring for a disabled child. Contact - for families with disabled children | Contact

Challenging Behaviour Foundation is a charity focussed specifically on children, young people and adults with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. Homepage for the Challenging Behaviour Foundation

ERIC is the national charity dedicated to improving children’s bowel and bladder health. They aim to reduce the impact of continence problems on children and their families. Home - ERIC

IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice

The Sleep Charity offers advice, education and support for children, teenagers, and adults, and resources and accredited training. Home - The Sleep Charity


Emotional support

Contact, the charity for families with disabled children offer 1-1 telephone appointments with a family support adviser for parent carers looking for a listening ear, reassurance and practical and emotional support. Listening Ear | Contact

Scope, the national disability charity offers a service called Navigate which is a national mentoring service, providing online emotional support for parents and carers of disabled children who are finding out about their child’s additional needs. Navigate: emotional support for parents | Disability charity Scope UK

Young Minds offers mental health support for young people, parents and professionals. They provide young people with tools to look after their mental health. Their website is full of advice and information on what to do if you're struggling with how you feel.  YoungMinds | Mental Health Charity For Children And Young People | YoungMinds



BBC bitesize have pages on Autism, ADHD and SEND (Special Educational Needs and disabilities) SEND - BBC Parents' Toolkit - BBC Bitesize

Spectrum Gaming, was set as an online community for autistic young people as a response to lockdown. They now have over 1,000 members and became a registered charity in March 2021 Home | Spectrum Gaming

Autism Understood has been created by Spectrum Gaming so that everyone can gain a better understanding of what autism is. Autism Understood

Aspie World is a YouTube channel with informative and fun videos on Aspergers Syndrome / and Autism in adults with tips and hacks for daily life.   The Aspie World - YouTube

 Young Minds have a useful section on ADHD on their website ADHD and Mental Health | Signs and Symptoms of ADHD | YoungMinds