During your pregnancy you will have two routine scans. 

The first scan is called a dating scan. They are usually performed before 12 weeks. This will confirm your expected date of delivery and how many weeks you are pregnant.

The second scan is called an anomoly scan. This is a more detailed scan performed around 20 weeks gestation and the purpose of this scan is to ensure your pregnancy is progressing as it should be. 

A sonographer will perform a detailed ultrasound scan. Your partner, a relative or close friend may accompany you. We recommend that you arrange for your children to be cared for at home as it is easier to discuss any issues arising from your scan if children are not present.

It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment. When you arrive we will try to keep closely to your appointment time and will inform you if there is a delay.

When your ultrasound scan is finished the doctor(s) an/or the midwife will sit down with you and explain what has been seen. If any differences/problems are found this will be fully explained and you will have time to ask questions and discuss this with the doctor(s) and/or the midwife. You will be given a detailed report with all the information about your visit and all of the baby's measurements. Your referring hospital and GP will also receive this report.

If you need a follow-up appointment, this will be booked before you leave the unit. Your local hospital team will continue to have overall responsibility for your pregnancy.