Local Maternity Systems

Our aims

Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review was published in February 2016 and set out a clear vision: for maternity services across England to become safer, more personalised, kinder, professional and more family friendly.

Part of this new approach is about every woman having access to information to enable greater choice and preference before, during and after childbirth. This includes detailed decisions about care; and where she, as the mother (and her baby) can access support with a clear emphasis on their individual needs and circumstances.

It also calls for all staff to be supported to deliver care which is women centred, working in high performing teams, in organisations which are well led and in cultures which promote innovation, continuous learning, and break down organisational and professional boundaries.

Locally, we're working with all our partners, service users and parents to improve maternity services for the women and babies of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.