Emergency contact information

Call your midwife or maternity unit if:
Your waters break
You have vaginal bleeding
Your baby is moving less than usual
You’re less than 37 weeks pregnant and think you might be in labour
These signs mean you need to see a midwife or doctor.




 Tell your midwife immediately if:
  • the waters are smelly or coloured
  • you're losing blood
 This could mean you and your baby need urgent attention.

If your waters break before labour starts, call your midwife. Use a sanitary pad (not a tampon) so your midwife can check the colour of the waters.

Contact number of each unit:

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital: 01743 261000 (Switchboard)

Princess Royal Hospital: 01952 641222 (Switchboard)

Ward 24 Delivery Suite (Princess Royal Hospital):  01952 565924

Wrekin Maternity Led Unit: 01952641222, Ext 5706